World premiere
  September 2006 - December 2007
  September - December 2008

  Uwe Kroeger as "Maxim de Winter"



Monte Carlo in the twenties of the last century. In the lobby of a chic hotel a young, uninpressive girl becomes acquainted with the fascinating English nobleman Maxim de Winter. After only a few days the couple gets married and moves onto Maxim de Winters country estate Manderley. But the reception is more than cold and hostile. Everyone speaks of the beautiful, still dominating Rebecca, Maxims first wife, who only deceased a year ago. Rebecca's spirit is still omnipresent but over her death lies a gloomy secret.

Because of new incidences the case around Rebecca's death is unrolled again and Maxim de Winter gets into suspicion to have killed Rebecca himself. The new Mrs. de Winter stands by her husband, escapes from her insecurity, pushes the new investigations and achives that the investigations are stopped. After this great news Maxim can finally give his young wife his absolute love.

But Rebecca's power is not yet broken ...

Press commentaries: 

Da Capo / November 2006

...Uwe Kroeger impersonates his Maxim professionally and dignified. And therefore he must not act one bit, only play himself. He does not distinguish unnecessarily, and he still steers the attention of the audience as soon as he enters the stage. Kroeger shows stagecraft and proves himself with the role of Maxim de Winter.... .
He also convinced vocally in "God, why" and "No smile has ever been as cold".
In the latter song he merges song and play into one impressive performance out of despair and insanity, the highlight of his presentation ...
Dominik Lapp

Variety / 06.10.2006

...Uwe Kroeger...rises to the challange of confessing his hatred for Rebecca in "No Smile Was Ever As Cold"...
Larry Lash

musicals / 10.2006

… with his solo “no smile has ever been so cold” Uwe Kroeger as Maxim de Winter confesses with an enourmous intensity f.e. that he didn´t love Rebecca at all but hated her and created so a very strong moment …

RP online / 06.10.2006

…with Uwe Kroeger as Maxim I felt that something botherd him without him saying it. At his first sight I was surprised, why he suddenly looked up the stairs, he absent-mindedly looked at the sea or suddenly at the smallest word of his new wife he totally freaked out. Does he really love her? But these looks, gestures and scenes shall increase the tension unbearable.
Kroeger got with the character Maxim de Winter a role in which he can pull all the stops. He has two songs which were written really for him and his excellent stage presence: With the song “God why” Maxim shows his otherwise locked up emotions and with “no smile has ever been so cold” he finally tells his new wife about his true feelings for the deceased Rebecca. In the shows I visited a continuous scene applause was his much earned acknowledgement ...

Salzburger Nachrichten / 29.09.2006

… at her side stands Uwe Kroeger as landlord and husband Maxim de Winder,  who convices with his few solo apperances both vocaly and with his stagecraft  ….

Passauer Neue Presse / 30.09.2006

… on the other hand the applause was for the actors, but primarily for one: Uwe Kroeger, who started his international musicalcareer as the "death" in "Elisabeth" at the “Vereinigten Bühnen” in Vienna …. As Maxim de Winter he plays an english aristocrat, who loves and hates uncontrolled, but with a touching desperation ….

Muenchner Abendzeitung / 10.10.2006

...the star of the evening was leading man Uwe Kroeger. And you could count on
the leading actors. Uwe Kroeger sang and played a forceful dedicatated Maxim de Winter whom Rebecca messed arround ....

Die Presse / 30.09.2006

… Uwe Kroeger, a darling of the audience in Vienna, since he played the role of the “death” in “Elisabeth”, showes a flawless, short temperd, but not without warmth, deceived by his first wife Rebecca, upper-class-gentleman Maxim de Winter ….

Wiener Zeitung / 30.09.2006

…. with Uwe Kroeger (de Winter) a known face back in Vienna – he and Wietske van Tongeren (charming as me) carry each other in emotional duets through confusions at one time in the beautyful lounge in the hotel Cote d'Azure, then again in the dark salon at Manderley. ...

Kurier / 29.09.2006

…primarily it gets exiting when the protagonists are singing. The young dutchwoman Wietske Van Tongeren as the unhappy second Mrs. de Winter captures her audience with charm and voice. The Vienna homecomer Uwe Kroeger convinces as Maxim vocally without any effort. ... / 29.09.2006

….Wietske Van Tongeren and Uwe Kroeger in the leading parts got their much earned applause at the world premier on thursday evening in the Raimund Theater.
.... Kroeger is a angular, powerful Maxim de Winter, who finds his opponent in the powerful voiced Susan Rigvava Dumas as an overbearing housekeeper ...

Heute / 29.09.2006

…. the play after the original of the mysterythriller "Rebecca" from Daphne du Maurier tells the story of a young woman which moves to the castle of her new husband Maxim de Winter alias Uwe Kroeger. The latter seemed to have coped well with the transformation from the “death” in “Elisabeth” to the englisch nobleman and presented himself in good form. …
Österreich / 29.09.2006

… Uwe Kroeger as de Winter and Wietske van Tongeren as a young wife suffer under the feeling:  "Both of us are alone in the world". They play this feeling splendidly ... / 29.09.2006

… yesterday the musical world premiere of “Rebecca” at the Raimundtheater has gone over the stage with much applause ... In the leading parts, darling of the audience Uwe Kroeger and Wietske Van Tongeren, filled the audience with enthusiasm...

APA online / 29.09.2006

.....Uwe Kroeger as landlord and husband Maxim de Winder, who convices with his few solo apperances both vocaly and with his stagecraft  ….

Standard / 29.09.2006

... and Uwe Kroeger (as Maxim de Winter), Wietske Van Tongeren (de Winters wife), Susan Rigvava-Dumas (as Mrs. Danvers) have format ...

dpa / 29.09.2006

.... Kroeger is an angular, powerful Maxim de Winter, who finds his opponent in the powerful voiced Susan Rigvava-Dumas as an overbearing housekeeper ...

Vorarlberger Nachrichten / 30.09.2006

...also the cast is excellent: Uwe Kroeger as her elegant and mysterious husband which is tormented with  memories of Rebecca ...

Profil / 02.10.2006

... Uwe Kroeger, who gave up his blond hair for the role of Maxim de Winter who is torpedoed by his past , drives emotional in  top gear. His impressive voice prevents him to drift into a caricature; ....

musical-cocktail / Oktober 2006

... Uwe Kroeger fits age-based in his role and they put grey strands in his hair to show the considerably age difference to his young lover. He plays with a strong facial expression, a torn between presence and pasttime Maxim de Winter, and this evening his voice is top. He has a strong solo in "God, why", and he also harmonizes very well in the duets with his stage partner Wietske in "help me through the night" and "beyond the night"...