German-speaking  first-night
  Theater des Westens, Berlin
  April 2005 - January 2006

  Uwe Kroeger as "Cardinal Richelieu"



The young, impetuous nobleman D'Artagnan leaves his parental home to join the troops of King Ludwig XIII. In Paris he meets the three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis and his great love Constance. Together they became paws in the scheming of Cardinal Richelieu and his accomplice Lady de Winter. The power-hungry Cardinal plans to manipulate the inexperienced king for his campaign against the Hugenotten.
D´Artagnan, his royal companions and Constance rush into a dangerous adventure to stop the malicious adversary.

Press commentaries:

Leipziger Volkszeitung / 07.04.2005

...Uwe Kroeger portrays this secret ruler full of cold, calculation and lust for power.  Every detail  is calculated... (Rolf Richter)

BZ / 07.04.2005

...there remains enough room for the star: Uwe Kroeger as a blood-red cardinal Richelieu... (kam)

Berliner Kurier / 07.04.2005

...the romantic herostory... attracted primarily by the considerable enthusiasm of Uwe Kroeger (Cardinal Richelieu)... (Karim Mahmoud)

Märkische Oderzeitung / 07.04.2005

...so the power-hungry cardinal Richelieu (Uwe Kroeger) shows lascivious eroticism with his priest gown made of bright red leather...  
...In front of this amazing background convices particularly the internationally renowned musical stars Douwes and Kroeger. With their dance,  performance and melody they breathe personality and charisma into their figures...

Berliner Zeitung / 07.04.2005

...The audience applauded itself into trance, impressed by the bombastic show.  One of the big heros was Uwe Kroeger. He played the vicious  leading role of the cardinal Richelieu. Kroeger appears to be the best organized musicalperformer, wherever he playes his fanclub isn´t far. Wonderful, if one has such active supporters. (Andreas Kurtz)

Die Welt / 08.04.2005

...a little tame but attractive: Uwe Kroeger...  (Peter E. Müller)

TAZ Berlin / 08.04.2005

...the man, a pop-star: Uwe Kroeger as cardinal Richelieu... (Jenni Zylka) 

Der Tagesspiegel / 08.04.2005

...only Uwe Kroeger is able to articulate nuancedly and uses his knowledge, to play the role of Richeliau as a plumb, comical character... (Frederik Hanssen)

Märkische Oderzeitung / 08.04.2005

...the sinister clergyman, played by the german musical star Uwe Kroeger as vicious and pleading, scheming and desperate, becomes a clerical pop-star in hell red gowns... (Sascha Rettig)

Stern / 07.04.2005

...exept for Richelieu, which the musical star Uwe Kroeger plays with expressions and power, the other men characters are overshadowed by the dramatic plays of the women characters... (Florian Güßgen)