The Wild Party

European first-night performance
Musicalsommer 2003
Poelz-Halle-Amstetten, Austria

July - August 2003


Stadttheater Klagenfurt
December 2004 - February 2005

Uwe Kroeger as "Burrs"

© AVB Amstetten

© Wulz


The Wild Party

New York, 1928. Black Friday is just around the corner. The depression sets an abrupt end to the excesses of the Roaring '20s. It's an era distinguished by decadence, economic crisis, prohibition and violence. In this tense, "dance on the volcano" atmosphere a group of bohemians invites us to a wild party - a party that will change their lives. It's a party full of music, alcohol, sex and violence, where people dance and drink, have fun and take drugs - the wilder the better, even if the world around them is already collapsing. As if there were no tomorrow.

Press commentaries:

musicals (08.03)

... Uwe Kroeger, as vaudeville clown Burrs, fully engages all his talents in that grey area between comedy and drama. Just as a volcano builds pressure before it erupts, Kroeger's singing and dancing build to a climatic crescendo as he delivers his fascinating portrait of the violent Burrs. It will be hard for anyone in any future productions of the show to compete with Kroeger's blockbuster performance. ...

Kurier (25 July 2003)

…The Austrian first-night performance deals with an erotic love triangle in New York in the year 1928. It offers great music from jazz to soul and rock to rap, rife with fascinating dance scenes and a strong cast. Musical star Uwe Kroeger is brilliant as the humiliated lover…
...Harmonic and melodic cliffs that could make you shiver are lurking in the first scene already: Attention, danger ahead! But Anne Mandrella, Uwe Kroeger and the entire cast master all these difficulties with excellence,  without a false tone. And you realize: This could become a great evening. And it does. …

Wiener Zeitung (25 July 2003)

…The cast is ravishing, every single member would deserve a prize. Here are the names of the brilliant performers at the top of the team: Anne Mandrella, Sabine Mayer, Uwe Kroeger and Gino Emnes…

Felix Bloch Erben News (July 2003)

…With a brilliantly disposed cast around musical star Uwe Kroeger in the male lead, the thrilling show of "The Wild Party" became a complete success…