German first-night performance in the 
COLOSSEUM Theater in Essen.
March 2001 - June 2003
Uwe Kroeger in the role of "Death"

© Karen Stuke 


A life full of glamour and tragedies, rebellion and loneliness

ELISABETH, the musical by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay, tells the true story of Elisabeth, the most famous empress of Austria.

The play corrects the romantic, partly gaudy image which had been pressed on her by the (melodramatic) Sissi-movies of the fifties. Her life at the Viennese court, which began like a fairy-tale, soon developed into a drama full of privation and struggles for power. In spite of all the resistance to the personal restraint and obligations of the court, this modern and self-confident woman is destined to fail tragically.

Only the bitter-sweet temptation - Death - played by a mysterious, attractive man, always accompanies her. Not only on her final journey . . 


musicals / June 2001

… Next to Pia Douwes the "Original Death", Uwe Kröger, interprets the role again which catapulted him to the top of the audiences' favour.

In Essen Kröger's interpretation of Death is no longer as androgynous as it was back then in Vienna. Here he seems much more masculine, dangerous and - in spite of a certain diabolic appearance - more a part of this world.

It is apparent, but not important, that his movements high above the stage are not as dreamily confident and smooth as those of his Dutch colleague Stanley Burleson in Scheveningen.

Kröger displays his vocal talents impressively - including his well-known mannerism. He can draw from massive reserves and was especially captivating with a thrilling "Last Dance" ("Der letzte Tanz")…

NGZ online / March 23, 2001

... And so "Death" is personified by musical star Uwe Kroeger, who not only convinces the audience with his voice but who also has an impressive stage presence.

Associated Press / March 23, 2001

... Death, played by Uwe Kroeger, is omnipresent. He kisses the young girl Sissi back to life when she falls from a swing and she obviously falls in love with him. From now on he accompanies her for the rest of her life …

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung / March 24, 2001 

... Uwe Kroeger, who looks like an American illusionist, is the prominent "Death", who wants to infatuate the living through the mellowness of his voice - not a frightening death, but a friend. Let's be honest: Death with Uwe Kroeger is indeed more tempting than a life with Michael Lewis, who plays the weak emperor.

Westfälische Rundschau / March 24, 2001

Essen presents the top voices that the genre has to offer. ... Closer, dear Death to you, especially when Death is embodied by Uwe Kroeger. As Elisabeth's secret love he demonstrates that he feels like a star through and through - every move is a pose and every word is sung so affectedly as if he had just attended a language course somewhere beyond the river Styx.

Andreas Luketa / April 2001

... With his strong voice, Kroeger gives this role the perfect mixture of enchanting mystery, arrogant diabolism and unrestrained passion, which the audience loves so much...

Donaukurier / March 24, 2001 

She loves "Death" beyond measure, dances and flirts with him (Uwe Kroeger in his best role) and all her expectations are answered when "Death", who combines male as well as female characteristics, wraps his coat around her and carries her into his realm.