Starlight Hall Bochum. Uwe Kroeger as the first German „Rusty“ and in the role of „Flat Top“ (here as Rusty).
September 1988 till June 1989.
© Frank Lahme

The rapid race of the engines between the Steam-engine Rusty and Hightec competitors.


Press commentary:

Hammer Zeitung / 1988-11-15

..... Uwe Kroeger rolls in „Starlight Express“ right into the middle of international limelight 

Annette Brückner and Peter Gestwa noticed him as an exceptional talent in the Hamm Theatergroup "Backstage". Almost three years later, the 24-year Uwe Kroeger is on his way to an international career. On Sunday he celebrated a brillant debut in „Starlight Express“ in one of the three male leading roles, more precisely: in the Parading role of the steam-engine Rusty. .....
..... "Uwe is better, he was simply graciously-good on Sunday" Gestwa can hardly find words for the performance of his discovery.
Also the people responsible for „Starlight Express“ producer, director for musical conductor and choreographer all reacted enthusiastically towards this German, who remains an exception in this ensemble with englisch speaking artists. .....