Raimundtheater Vienna. Uwe Kroeger in the roles as "Marius", "Enjolras" and as Swing.
July 1989 till April 1990.

© Ch. Rutka

In the Dutch first-night performance in the Koninklijk Theater Carre, Amsterdam as "Enjolras" and "Feuilly". February till October 1991 - original cast and as assistant resident director.

© unknown

September 2003 - December 2004 in the famous "Theater des Westens" in Berlin.

Uwe Kroeger as "Javert"


© Stage Holding

Victor Hugos story about love and passion on the barricades at the time of the French revolution.

Press commentary:

das-musical.de / September 2003

...Astonishment spread through the musical world when the cast of Javert was
announced with Uwe Kroeger, but Kroeger proved sceptics like opponents that he can impersonate this character brilliant.
As the hard and relentless Javert, he puts a clear sign, with the vocally
very demanding piece of "star": Deep respect!
The scene in the canals with the transformation of Javert shows Uwe Kroegers
charismatic knowledge.
With his brilliant acting he coud show the audience anytime, that the break
of Javerts values, his world of order and law, can only lead to suicide.
The impression of a weak Javerts doesn't arise at any moment. On the
contrary. His consistent play shows Kroegers strengh. Javerts choice of
suicide is played brilliant by Uwe Kroeger...

musical-cocktail / December 2003

...Uwe Kroeger, the well known and international musical star, can be seen in
the leading role of the police inspector Javert.
He was last seen as the death in "Elisabeth" in Essen. In this production he
establishs his reputation that he belongs to the top of the German musical
actors. His well known voice and his self-controlled play underline the
terrifying character of the police inspector.
Uwe Kroeger shines with an excellent and convincing performance as Javert...

Berliner Morgenpost / 27.09.2003

...Uwe Kroeger plays the role of Javert as a captivating, threatening and
obligation-possessed police inspector...

BZ Kultur / 27.09.2003

...Frenetically celebrated: the Ukrainian Oleh Vynnyk as a noble former
prisoner Jean Valjean, Uwe Kroeger as his opponent Javert and Vera Bolten as

Berliner Zeitung / 27./28.09.2003

...His torturer gives up at the end. Javert brings himself down from a
bridge (a touching scene with Uwe Kroeger), beaten incapably to arrest
Valjean as it would be his duty, struck by his pityless decency...

...in addition, a vocal and dramatically splendid cast stands on the stage with
Oleh Vynnyk, Uwe Kroeger and Vera Bolten...

Rheinische Post / 28.09.2003

...Uwe Kroeger (Javert) and Vera Bolten (Eponine) strongly presented
themselves. Kroeger played the dutiful and disciplined police inspector,
however troubled at the end by his self-doubts. His suicide performance
doesn't need to shun any comparison...