German-speaking first-night performance in the Aalto Theater, Essen. 
Uwe Kroeger in the role of "Ziggy". 
December 1991 till June 1992 - original cast. 
© Gudrun Webel

is a utopian Rock opera in the tradition of George Orwells's gloomy pessimistic science-fiction novel "1984" and Fritz Langs's utopian silent movie  "Metropolis". The people live in underground dormitory towns with artificial light. The upper world is mastered by a gigantic rich empire. In front of this background the fight is shown "below against above" based on the example of different characters.

Press commentaries:

Ruhrnachrichten / 1992-02-18

..... And what the actors offer is great. What arrives on stage in Aalto in smokey blues "tubes", is the best in this concentrated load for a long time. 
The choreography does without ballet in a conventional sense, instead: Performance of the single songs - Uwe Kroeger is enrapturing as Ziggy. ..... 

Essener Revue / February 1992

..... "Starmania" ("about the mania to be a starling") primarily lives from the beauty of the songs as from the presence and Charisma of the actors, among them Uwe Kroeger, Paul Kribbe, Gundula Ulbrich and Pamela Falcon - four gueststars whose Fanclubs are already making enquiries about Tickets in Essen. ..... 

Prinz / February 1992

..... That’s why Schwalbe signed on a young ensemble which one can be proud of. ..... and Uwe Kroeger (Ziggy) is until now the only German performer, who brought it this far to get the role of Rusty in this Bochum "Starlight Express“. ..... 

Musicals / April/May 1992 

..... Andrea Weiss pleased by her sensitive representation of the Marie-Jeanne and Uwe Kroeger as sweeping Ziggy. .....