Uwe Kroeger as Emcee. 
December 1998 till January 1999.


The Emcee kidnaps the audience into the mysteriously shimmering world of his stylishly "dilapidated" establishment and starts with his game about love and time. The show becomes the mirror of the life, the club becomes the mirror of the world in a time in which a political turn becomes apparent.
Press commentaries:

Musicals / February 1999

..... The great advantage is the new Emcee Uwe Kroeger. He makes clear why he was engaged: he is the starling of the show and he doesn’t allow a seconds doubt about this. The one in the first version of Karl Markovics (see "musicals" book number 62, page 28) high-styled stiffness is foreign to him. His Emcee is at the beginning of the show shrill, eccentric and hyperactive, and it doesn't take from it either that the make-up and the movements reminds one strongly of Jim Carey‘s "the mask". Exactly at the right moment, he lets his personality tip over. A tired, rolled over and broken man is what the shrill jester becomes. 

This works, and on the only occasion during this evening, really makes one concerned and doesn’t take from the schoolmasterish teaching method of this production from former times, it gives her even a certain irony: the only figure which really seems human is the real artistic figure of the show. 

It’s a pity, that this is due to the acting presence of Uwe Kroeger and not the director. 
On the first evening some vocal difficulties were noticed on the high arcades and it would have been more advantageous, had Kroeger refrained from using an American accent, which he marks only the first number; however otherwise he presented a very strong and convincing interpretation of the Emcee. .....

Kronenzeitung / 1998-12-12

Sofiensäle: "Emcee" Uwe Kroeger

Starling in the Kit Kat Club

The disreputable Kit Kat Club is in season again! The next round of the "cabaret" production was applauded in to the Sofiensälen with a great welcome. A new carthorse leads the production: Musicalstar Uwe Kroeger as Emcee! .....
..... Uwe Kroeger - now with short fair hair - is in top condition. The times in which he amused himself as pale Death with empress Elisabeth are gone. As Emcee in the Club, he’s now the center of the pulsating, turbulent night life. Accordingly the shrill mask which he puts on, fits an eccentrically shimmering, ecstatic personality.
But he can also be different: he stands pale and exhorting up on the balcony, when he watches the brutal hustle and bustle of the Nazirotten; he is lonesome and thoughtful at the end as he leaves the hall; and he expressively sings of life and the world. He isn't the shrill, sarcastic, tireless jester but a bit of a sad clown. Either way: He can trust the jubilation of the fans. .....

Täglich Alles / 1998-12-12

..... Here he is again, our Uwe Kroeger! Not as long-haired fair-haired "Elisabeth" Death’s angel, but rather, as equally dangerously seductive, but as hermaphroditic Emcee in "Cabaret".
Uwe Kroeger convinces in his second Viennese Stage-role also with devoted musical professionalism. 
He becircts his fans with white painted face and beautiful rolling eyes. In an absolute manner, musicallly just as much as dance and movement. .....

Die Presse Vienna, Austria

..... Uwe Kroeger proves his perfect Musical knowhow. .....