German first-night performance in the SI-Center Stuttgart. 
Uwe Kroeger in the role as the "Beast". 
December 1997 till February 1999 - original cast.


The story of an enchanted prince, who in the form of a Beast must learn first to love and then to be loved, before being freed of the curse.


Press commentaries:

Südwestpresse / 1997-12-06

..... Uwe Kroeger doesnít offer a standard Disney version, but a Beast with an individual note. The Stuttgart copy isn't domesticated, not a house or castle pet, but an aggressive, slavering disgusting creature. Uwe Kroeger resists his inclination not to sing straight ahead and to bevel his tones. The hit of the musical is the song directly before the recess (" dedicated to the Death, if I cannot love "). Alan Menken formed this with an hymnal emphasis (itís catchy, but has an adverse content). 
The song is charged greatly with enormous power from Kroeger. .....

Musicals / February 1998

..... And the ensemble? It pleases. The interest of the confirmed Musical fans focuses presumably on Uwe Kroeger, whose engagement for the male leading role astonished many. All of those who did not believe that the audiences starling was capable of the Beast, will see their expectations not confirmed. Admittedly: Kroeger looks like the Beast, performs like the Beast and still isn't a dangerous monster. It becomes rapidly noticeable, that behind this (to a certain degree) horrible mask, thereís a man hiding. This not quite usual role-portrait, is however, convincing. Kroeger particularly enjoys going after Belle, to win her over for himself, in which the comedy doesn't lose out.
Regarding the musical aspect, one will have to change his listening habits, which are committed to the Broadway original or the Viennese version, but he shall appreciate Kroegers vocal interpretation. .....

Leipziger Volkszeitung / 1997-12-08

..... the soloists are particularily excellent . Germany's Musicalstar Uwe Kroeger plays the Beast in a repulsive mask, not without tragedy-comic. The 33-year proves that after playing successes "Elisabeth", "Miss Saigon" and "Sunset Boulevard", that heís also capable without the Sunnyboy image. .....

Esslinger Zeitung / 1997-12-08

..... Uwe Kroeger in the first cast as Beast is a mature performer, who is able to also vocally break out of the tight corset of musicals. .....

Darmstädter Echo / 1997-12-08

..... The singing and dramatic main load in this poetic show, are really carried by the leading roles - Leah Delos Santos as the soft girlish Belle, Uwe Kroeger as the Beast with his protruding voice and wonderful body control. .....

Stuttgarter Wochenblatt / 1997-12-11

..... Uwe Kroeger proves himself to be the beast through courage of ugliness, but not only this, he expressively and convincingly sang and acted in this game of the enchanted prince. .....